Why Choose ALBM Pharma?


If you are looking out for an overall pharmaceutical solution, we at ALBM Pharma might just be the stop you are looking for : We are a complete package of pharmaceutical APIs, Intermediates and speciality chemicals that can be moulded in various options as outsourced and supplied / exported, contract manufactured at applicable facilities, developed and supplied.


In todays competitive world, we work on all possible parameters continuously to meet the market difficulties in terms of quality, quantity and pricing towards respective desired quality.


The most important parameter considered while selecting the facility to produce your desired product is the Environment. We ensure that the facility follow the government laid down guidelines and that the safety of people and environment is not compromised at any cost.


Your advantage – by choosing us you choose a manufacture in your vendor list for your various requirements. The manufacturer we get approved by you will be your direct supplier with all QA compliance meeting your policies.


We have strategic alliances with various manufacturer for contract development and manufacturing.